Course Layout

At Blue Boy West Golf Course, we have water hazards on seven holes, and our winter course drains quickly for easy play. We boast a variety of holes, including uphill, downhill, and side slope tee shots. We have a lovely nine-hole course, and we want to offer a few tips.

Hole #1—Par 4, 321 Yards

This is a tee shot hole. Hit it straight and go about 175 to 190 yards. This hole has trees on the left and high fence on the right to protect the parking lot.

Hole #2—Par 3, 160 Yards

Enjoy this slight downhill shot. With water on the far right and trees on the left, this hole has no margin of error behind the green. We suggest you miss short and straight so you can chip up to save par.

Hole #3—Par 3, 147 Yards

This hole has a beautiful pond and fountain on the right and trees on the left, along with a shoulder on the right and behind green. Stop and visit the monument on the right side of the green in honor of the owner's father.

Hole #4—Par 4, 224 Yards

Check out the trees on the left and right, along with the OB on the right. The green is hidden behind the end of the trees on the left, and pot bunkers protect the right and a sand trap lurks on the left. Hit the center of the fairway about 190 yards and use your second shot for a short chip.

Hole #5—Par 4, 303 Yards

This hole is a good driver hole favoring a fade. From the tee, aim just left over the tree in the center of the fairway, which slopes gently downhill with a slight dogleg and trees on the right. If you miss right, you may play your second shot from the #6 fairway. There is room on the left.

Hole #6—Par 4, 300 Yards

Get out the "big dog" if you can and draw it long over the trees on the left. If not, a nice 200- yard straight drive is great.

Hole #7—Par 4, 301 Yards

Drive straight and short in front of the pond at 233 yards or rick it long just left of the pond and right of the tree line on the left.

Hole #8—Par 4, 309 Yards

Find trees to the right and OB. Use the hill slope on the left to bring the ball back to center, and drive short to avoid the gully at 230 yards.

Hole #9—Par 3, 134 Yards

Have fun finishing this uphill hole, which features a bunker on the right and the building as the backstop.

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Call the Owner, Ernie Smith at (360) 793-2378 in Monroe, Washington, to ask about our unique golf course layout before you visit us for a few rounds.